Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Dear BDA Flats aspirants,
Let us get together for a noble cause! Let us get together, when nobody hears to us. We have to get together to resolve our problems being faced after applying for BDA flats. We all know that some of us have paid 1st installment, 2nd installment, some almost all etc., where is our money going? Why BDA promised us some completion dates, but in reality, they are well behind schedule. But they have collected money from the people promptly. It looks like BDA has no accountability just like other Govt. projects. BDA is not issuing any press statements or not sending any information letters to its customers (We the people).

How can we fight for justice? Yes, we can do it, if we unite (at least on this forum!), plan and bring it to the notice of right people who can really help us. I know that there are lots of good people than bad ones.

So, let us join and discuss continuously until we get our flats registered in our names.

Thank you,
Prakash. R